Saturday, 22 September 2012

Dredd 3D movie Review Abridgement

Soon America will be an irradiated waste land. A Violent Metropolis city located on the East coast between Boston and Washington has chaotic street controlled by criminals. Order lies in the hands of cops termed Judges who has the entire powers of executioner, Judge and Jury. 

Dredd (Curl Urban) is the supreme Judge, popular, respected and feared throughout the city, he is to help and deliver the street from a serious tormentor. In a normal day at work Cassandra Anderson Olivia Thirlby is subjected to be trained by Dredd. Though Cassandra is this anxious person, she is Psychic meaning she uses extrasensory perception to perceive and has the ability to tell intangible activity.  

A devastating offense committed by drug users whose leader is Ma-Ma (Heady) lures them to intervene and they arrest Kay (Wood Harris) one of Ma-Ma’s trusted member of the gang after Anderson detecting his involvement in murdering. 
Ma-ma neither retreats nor surrenders. She orders for the death of the two by some of her gangster members meanwhile the judges run for safety with Kay and on their way they encounter Ma-ma’s men but survived the gutling gun since it was a missed target that went blowing the walls of the building and gave them the chance to request for a backup. Out of her ignorance Ma-Ma sends her right hand man Caleb (Warrick Grier) to confirm the death of the Judges fortunately Anderson and dread with no other route to escape re enter the building and meet Caleb and throws him from the sky crapper as Ma-Ma watches.
Anderson Pursues Ma-ma…………….


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